“The Information Age is a true new age based upon the interconnection of computers via telecommunications, with these information systems operating on both a real-time and as-needed basis.

“Furthermore, the primary factors driving this new age forward are convenience and user-friendliness, which, in turn, will create user dependence.

“User dependence is what will ensure the full implementation of the technological platform that will become the foundation for a new economy, and dependence upon information systems is what will eventually distinguish the Information Age from the Industrial Age in the same manner that reliance upon mass production manufacturing techniques distinguished the Industrial Age from Agrarian Society."

Why this website?

Infoage27This website was created to challenge you to think. It is dedicated to bringing clarity to the history of the Information Age and to promoting the kind of discussion needed if humans are to succeed in this new economic/social/technological era. 

Right now, the world is in confusion.  Few people understand that most of the major events happening are a result of the change into a true new age.

Unless we accept that the Information Age is a true new age and apply ourselves so that we gain the greatest benefit from this new era, and unless we learn to control the technologies, the new economy, and the new social forces, we may well end up in a situation where those things control us – and limit our lives.

Over time, is planned to serve as a leading resource regarding the history and evolution of the Information Age that will include the contributions of many people who have a similar concern.

Our goal is the same goal that was established when "The Theory of the Information Age" was conceived:  The creation of a new Renaissance and new economic opportunity for people everywhere on the Planet Earth.

Your Say

You will note that on each page there is a link to enable you to contribute to this website. The commentary you should consider contributing are your ideas on how human beings might work together to ensure that the Information Age is a positive force for all Humankind.

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