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About Us

world1This educational website was founded by James R. Messenger, the American Telephone & Telegraph Company employee who both conceived and was given the opportunity to put into place The Theory of the Information Age.

The Theory of the Information Age was created by Jim Messenger on December 12, 1982, when he was working as an employee of the Bell System, which no longer exists. He retired in 2001 from Lucent Technologies, which had been spun off from AT&T.

It is important to note that the opinions expressed by Jim Messenger on this website are his own and do not represent the views of the “new” AT&T, which came into existence after he retired. "AT&T" as used on this website refers to the American Telephone & Telegraph Company, otherwise known as the Bell System. "AT&T" in reference to the current company is a trademark of AT&T Intellectual Property.

The “us” is intended to be many contributors who wish to ensure that all humankind is able to stand upon and benefit from the new technological/economic/social platform created by the interconnection of computers via telecommunications, and which goes by the name “Information Age.”

We hope you’ll join us by enriching the world through your ideas on how we can apply the Information Age to fullest advantage. This website is designed as an informational resource for use by all peoples, anywhere in the world, to stimulate new ideas and to create new paths to opportunity and success as the Planet Earth and all her peoples move further and further into the true new age known as the Information Age.

Your Say

Please note that on each page there is a link to enable you to contribute to this website. The commentary you should consider contributing are your ideas concerning how human beings might work together to ensure that the Information Age is a positive force for all Humankind. We do not promote specific business products or services of any kind.

Our website policy: We do not collect, nor share, any information regarding visitors to this website, except for gathering statistics on the number of visitors, and, for those who would choose to make a contribution to the content of the website, we would maintain contact information in the event there are questions regarding your contribution.

This is a nonprofit venture and our sole mission is to promote healthy discussion of the Information Age and to provide valuable learning tools for those interested in the coming of the Information Age.

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