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James Messenger
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For Release:  Wednesday, November 28, 2012


MARIETTA, GA – Thirty years after the American Telephone & Telegraph Company made the decision to break itself up, and 30 years after the creation of The Theory of the Information Age on December 12, 1982, the events that launched the Information Age, educational website has been created to promote understanding and advancement of the Information Age and the principles driving it.  was created by former American Telephone & Telegraph Company employee James R. Messenger, who was known around the world for many years as “Mr. Network” in being a world authority on the AT&T Worldwide Intelligent Network, and who was the teacher of The Theory of the Information Age at AT&T’s premier Executive Briefing Center in Bedminster, New Jersey. 

“In 1982, the world’s telephone networks were analog systems incompatible with computers,” said Messenger. “When the decision was made to rebuild the world’s networks as all-digital systems to facilitate the interconnection of computers via telecommunications, my staff and I educated the world’s leaders in telecommunications, Information Technology, government, business, education, and other fields, planting the seeds that would lead to the world of high technology in which we now live.  Today, I’m turning up a new website challenging human beings across the globe to consciously think our way into the Information Age so that it brings the greatest advantage to everyone.” provides a comprehensive spectrum of informative topics and challenges to specific career fields that include:

James R. Messenger, who retired in 2001 after a 19 year career with AT&T and Lucent Technologies,  is the author of The Death of the American Telephone & Telegraph Company – How “Ma Bell” Died Giving Birth to the Information Age.  He won the Public Relations Society of America’s “Corporate Identity Award” for both AT&T and Exxon Corporation, and he is an EMMY® Winner and Two-Time Academy Award® Nominee.