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Are You a Political Scientist?

linkedhandsHave you begun to think about how human politics are shifting in an age of new social dynamics made possible by the technologies of the Information Age?  In the United States, for instance, political fundraising has changed dramatically through the use of the Internet, beginning with the innovative application of the Internet by Governor Howard Dean in his campaign for President of the United States.

Here are just a few of the issues facing all Humankind that you might consider studying: 

These are not just "interesting" issues facing us. These are issues that are changing the entire world in ways that are simple gigantic.

So it is important to understand whether you, as a political scientist, believe that the Information Age is a true new age. Such a perspective changes all your premises about what political science is and is supposed to understand. Do you recognize the importance of the work political science must do to cast light upon what our political systems not only might, but also will become?

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