Are You a Sociologist?

skylineIf you are, you need to understand that sociologists have entered a Golden Age of research and study.  The interconnection of computers via telecommunications – the most fundamental principle driving the Information Age – has begun to link the world together in ways never seen before or even imagined. 

For instance, could you have imagined even a few years ago that an application like Facebook would be created that could actually achieve a billion (that’s 1,000,000,000) participants?  And what is one to make – and understand – regarding a phenomenon like “Twitter” where there is now an ongoing conversation (or is it “chatter”?) between human beings nearly around the clock around the world?

What does it mean in terms of society when borders have been superseded by technology?  Are we driving towards becoming Earthlings as the world in tied closer and closer together by the tools of the Information Age?

And there are other, equally important changes that humans did not really foresee. Judge by these recent headlines:

“Primetime viewing sees seismic shift – Streaming, DVRs reflect big change in younger demographics” – Daily Variety, October 17, 2012

“Is the death of newspapers the end of good citizenship?” – The Christian Science Monitor, November 11, 2012

Have you, as a sociologist, begun to study questions such as these?

Never before in history have we seen human group dynamics working on such a massive, handsaroundworldglobal scale.  The sociologists who can give the human species insight into the phenomena now occurring may well become some of the greatest influencers in history.

Will you step to the fore as a leader or will you just let this unparalleled opportunity pass you by?




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