Questions to Ask Your Nation's Leaders

decoleaderThe single most important hurdle that must be overcome if the world is to move successfully into the Information Age is to acknowledge that it is a true new age, and that everyone should start thinking in new ways, so that we can create new success and new ways of living.

Do YOUR political and business and educational leaders believe the Information Age is real, is a true new age?  That is the first question to ask.

But there are other questions you should ask to challenge contemporary thinking to help set in motion productive new ideas for your community and nation:

As you think about the Information Age, ask questions of your leaders that occur to you – the goal is for one and all to begin to face the reality of the Information Age and to plan our way into it. 

Right now, the denial that exists concerning the reality of the Information Age has caused constant turmoil and economic chaos.  It is time for the leadership of the world to change their approach and to begin solving problems. 

Here’s one last question to ask:  The coming of a true new age is always an unparalleled opportunity, and we are lucky to be alive when the Information Age is coming into being.  The world has the chance to apply the amazing new technologies rapidly evolving in highly productive and positive ways and to give ourselves a new Renaissance: 

How do YOU, as a leader, think we can achieve that?leonardoman

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