Why the World Is a Mess

hourglassThis is a very important issue. The world is now operating in a state of chaos. How could we have come to this state?

It’s because we are in a state of denial.

What the heck does that mean? It means that because human beings don’t like change and don’t want things to alter because it might impact their income and their way of life, humans typically refuse to admit that some major change has happened or is occurring.

A common – and still vivid – way to understand this is to go back to a change that took place in the Industrial Age: the arrival of the automobile.

At a time when the horse and carriage was the most common form of transportation, the passing of an automobile was a novelty. Everyone was comfortable with a horse and carriage, and so they would often yell at the people in the noisy machines passing by, “Get a horse!”

After all, everyone was comfortable with the way the world worked. What need could there be for a noisy contraption like that? There were few paved roads. There were few places to get gas. Most of the early cars were open and subject to misery in the rain. What value could there be in that?

Today, if someone yelled at you, “Get a horse!” The person hollering would be the one looked at as crazy.

The point is that new ideas take on their own momentum. Sometimes they are pretty much unstoppable, because they provide convenience or save labor or do something never seen before. And that is what is happening to us today.

We are literally caught between two worlds. Those whose livelihoods and fortune have been tied to the Industrial Age, don’t want that age to end – even though they may like the new “toys” available. People want to stick with what they know – even as they see the new technologies parade before their very eyes.

The pull of the old conflicts with the push of the new and chaos results. This conflict causes a form of schizophrenia within societies that makes it hard to cope and hard to understand what is true due to confusion between fact and emotion.

Today, despite the enormous changes wracking the earth in nearly every field as a result of the technological/economic platform that’s been going into place based upon The Theory of the Information Age, the problem is that human beings will not accept that a true new age is sweeping over them, and most deny that it is real.

The news media will report that there are now one billion people on Facebook. But what the news media will NOT report is that “the Information Age is real,” just as has been the case with global warming, even as we watch major change occurring in our weather patterns.

That’s because too much depends upon the desperate attempt to keep the world as a world most people understand – to maintain the Industrial Age. That attempt will fail in the end, of course. The Theory of the Information Age is no longer a theory. It’s real. And its impacts are very real. Here are just a few examples of the current impacts:

Massive, massive changes are occurring because of the arrival of a new age. Yet, people will not admit these events are real. Indeed, many people will turn their heads and act as if they don’t see what is happening right before their very eyes, for they truly believe that if they don’t acknowledge what's happening, the changes somehow won't affect them and the Information Age won’t be real, and they’ll be able to stick with what they know, with what’s safe.

It is that very attitude – that if people will just pretend the Information Age isn’t sweeping over them, they’ll be “safe and secure” – that is causing the world’s chaos.

If one does not admit that something is real, which is the first step to enable study and understanding of a phenomenon, and if one does not begin to take appropriate actions regarding what is happening based upon what one has learned, then one, in fact, loses virtually all control over events.

So, the FIRST STEP towards ending the world’s chaos is for the world’s leaders to acknowledge that the Information Age is real.

December 12, 2012, marks the 30th anniversary of The Theory of the Information Age. How much longer do we wait to acknowledge that the result of this idea has been a true new age?

The SECOND STEP is to ask the world’s best and brightest men and women to figure out what the Information Age really is, what the forces are that are in motion, how the new economy works, and what we need to do as humans to gain the greatest advantage from the coming of a true new age.

In fact, we are the first people in history with the opportunity to PLAN our way into a new age – it is an unparalleled event in history. Yet, all we do is turn our heads, hope the Industrial Age will return, and dream of going on about our lives as in the past.

But that’s NOT going to happen under any circumstances. If we want the global turmoil to end, we must begin to think and to plan. It will be hard, there is no doubt, because we’re looking at a massive global phenomenon that is completely new.

But how exciting! We are actually in a position to plan the future of the Planet Earth!

So why don’t we stop the nonsense and begin? This website was established to both challenge the world to begin that process, and to serve as a forum for discussion and formulation of solutions.

THAT is how we will set the world’s economy back on course and create jobs.

THAT is how we will create a new vision to inspire and guide the Peoples of the world toward positive goals and ambitions.

THAT is how we will rise up and begin the process to become Earthlings in a world now united by the Information Age.

This website is a CHALLENGE to all Peoples of every nation. Let us gain a common understanding of the principles of the Information Age, first by understanding The Theory of the Information Age and then by extrapolating from it a new vision for all Humankind.

The ONLY WAY for us to prevent the Information Age from overwhelming us – and possibly hurling us into a Dark Age – is to stand as one to build a better world for one and all – together.

Time is running out.

Are you ready?

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