Who Is Willing to Host a World’s Fair on The Information Age?


nyworldsfair“The New York World’s Fair dramatically and appropriately celebrates the 150th anniversary of the inauguration of George Washington as the first president of the new American Nation under the Federal Constitution…In his inaugural address he exhorted his distinguished audience to concentrate their attentions and activities upon ‘the discernment and pursuit of the public good.’ It is thus that the Fair, in keeping with the events that it commemorates, in a variety of ways glorifies and exalts democracy, her freedoms and opportunities.

“The New York World’s Fair is planned to be ‘Everyman’s Fair’ – showing the way towards improvement of all the factors contributing to human welfare. From this arose the theme of the entire Exposition: ‘Building the World of Tomorrow,’ presenting a new layout for a richer life, predicting and even indicating the shape of things to come, at the same time showing the vital necessity of enlightened co-operation among all nations, peoples and classes.

“Here is the work of many minds and many hands. ‘The World of Tomorrow’ is on view today.”

– From the Guidebook to the 1939 New York World's Fair

Planning for the New York World's Fair of 1939-1940 was begun in 1935 in the midst of America's Great Depression by retired policemen, who conceived of a World's Fair as the means to provide the missing quality in human life – HOPE.

And it did provide hope, and a vision of what human beings could achieve – and did.

Oddly enough, loss of hope is also the great issue of our time. And how can that be? For the first time in history, human beings are watching the birth of a true new age, and know precisely how it originated and the economic/technological/social forces driving it forward. “So why,” one might ask, “are we letting the forces driving that new age run us down instead of planning our way into what could be a Renaissance for this entire planet?”

ladderideaWhy are we not hosting conferences and world’s fairs and applying other mechanisms to study and enlarge our understanding of this enormous global technological tool that was created by the force of an idea in the first place?

If political and business leadership will unite and take on the challenge of planning our way into the Information Age, humanity across the world will provide ourselves renewed faith in the future, and the economic activity involved with creating and presenting “The World of the Information Age” will benefit the many involved and bring to the surface positive new ideas that will impact every sphere of human life.

Can we do this – can we stand to this challenge?

ideasYes, of course we can. 

If one person could conceive something as powerful as The Theory of the Information Age in the first place, then we, through the use of our collective brainpower, can work as a team – and as individuals – to decipher what the Information Age really means, what the new ethics and morality should be in using such a tool, what the principles are that are driving an entirely new economy that’s already engulfed the world. And we can learn how we can create and use never-before-seen applications that will enrich the world, rather than diminishing it.

It’s up to us to figure out how to take the high road to a better world.  Do we need challenge prizes to spur the great new applications of the future?  Do we need the equivalent of Nobel Prizes for the best and brightest people in their application of the Information Age platform that’s been created, or in their thinking regarding Information Age economics, ethics, and other topics that will yield meaning?

The growing dislocations occurring in the world as a result of the coming of a true new age suggest that we really need to start taking action to control our own future – and that we need to take that action soon.  What nation, what great city has the courage and the will to raise the gauntlet and to start the process of showcasing what the Information Age might truly become through a great world’s fair to light the way?  Where are the leaders? 

If not you, who?

"The World of the Information Age"

"We have to dream or nothing happens." – Oscar Niemeyer, Architect

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