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We live in a period when a true new age is coming into existence – The Information Age. This is the only time in history when humans have ever known precisely how a new age has come about and what is driving it.  As a result, we have the opportunity to guide the forces at work – most fundamentally the interconnection of computers via telecommunications providing social and economic connections pulling all nations closer and closer together as one world – and to shape these new capabilities into tools that stimulate the best in humans.

To succeed, we must look directly at what is happening and think about how we can plan our way into a new Renaissance.  We must place a great vision before us – and to believe in ourselves, which we no longer appear to do as we are being buffeted about today by the evolution of the Information Age happening on its own. 

Can we lift ourselves up towards the greatest era in human history?  Yes.  Take the time to read Ray Bradbury’s “Toynbee Convector” to understand how.

This is Humankind’s greatest opportunity since the Renaissance itself.  Let’s seize this moment and show all of history what humans are still capable of flying from earth

Put on your thinking cap and share your VISION, your IDEAS, and RAISE THE QUESTIONS we all need to discuss – that is what this forum was designed to do – and write your name into history as one of the creators of the Information Age.


This website is intended to be an educational resource that will evolve over time. We welcome contributions from others as part of what we hope will be a lively discussion regarding how to approach the coming of the Information Age, and how this new age might be turned to the advantage of all human beings.

Initially, we will be accepting submissions via e-mail or snailmail, and, as the website gets more sophisticated, we'll be adding a form for direct entry of comments to the site.

This is designed to be a "first person" type of site, where we welcome discussion, letters, reviews, papers, historical information, and corrections to help develop an accurate historical basis for the Information Age.

This is a non-profit website set up for educational purposes only for people of all ages all across the world (although we regret that it will have to be in English, since we have no capabilties for translation).

Please refrain from sending ideas for new Information Age businesses, since we have no way to protect your business concepts from being used by others.

We are looking for positive ideas regarding how human society can face up to the reality of the Information Age and to think our way through to bring Humankind a global Renaissance.

We do not view negative attacks upon others as a productive method of discussion.

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Bruce Deitrick Price

I think I understand the phrase “The Age of Information” and its implications.
I mainly write about education and I can report to you an interesting irony. Most of the entrenched methods in our public schools (sight-words, reform math, constructivism, prior knowledge, cooperative learning and many others) tend to have the effect of making children slower and more passive, academically speaking. So they will be less able to participate in the Age of Information.
I would say that if our Education Establishment could have its way, this would become an age of less information. Indeed, if you want to perpetuate and spread the Age of Information, the fundamental concern has to be education, genuine fact-based, knowledge-filled education. Not the sort of pretend education where children waste months discussing so-called projects. No, I'm a big believer in teaching every kid as much as that kid can learn, starting in K. You lay down the facts like bricks in what will some day be a high wall. Only with this sort of foundation can children evolve toward critical thinking, and the ability to process all the information that's out there.

Bruce has a website dedicated to
In many ways, I agree.  See our webpage: What Young People Need to Know


Dan Silvers

“We have graduated into the Age of Knowledge. Information is not knowledge; something has to be done with it (processed) in order for it to be knowledge. Intelligence is the byproduct of acquiring knowledge.”

Dan Silvers is the developer of Media To Access Global Intelligence (MAGI), a proprietary network of Intelligence Facilitators (IF’s) in over 50 countries and 100 regions worldwide